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Notion on your Apple Watch

Sync your Notion account and take notes from your Apple Watch

Wotion app on iPhone and Apple Watch

Synch all your notes to your Apple Watch

The databases and todo lists created on Notion will appear on your watch. When a database is created on Notion all rows in the title column will appear on the app. You will then be able to modify, add and delete rows from your Apple Watch and your iPhone. To-do lists will also be accessible and editable from this application.

Notion on all devices
Notion on the Apple Watch

Edit your Notion notes easily

This application will enable you to take notes from your Apple Watch that will immediately be available on your Notion account. You can take notes either by speaking or typing on your watch. It comes with an IOS application that you can use to manage your notes. With this app, you can choose which Notion pages will be shared with your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch app


Select a page

Select the page you want to access from the main screen. There are two sections, one for notes (databases) and one for the todo-lists.


Look at your notes

Look at all the notes and the to-do lists within a specific Notion page. You can also add new ones from this screen.


Edit from your watch

Edit your notes by speaking or drawing the text. You can also check and uncheck notes in your to-do lists.